Matrix algebra in Javascript.


Simple client javascript objects for communication across hosts.


File dynamically-created medical charts Depreciated; may come down soon.


Create teams, work, learn, get paid. Depreciated; may come down soon


Open source contributions and more

Who am I

I'm a Georgia Tech Graduate of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences with focused cousework in Computer Science and Mathematics. I did research in unsupervised machine learning (especially gmm, k-means, and NMF) and completed my thesis on analysis of biogeochemical cycling.

Now, I work in the Department of Biomedical Informatics (BMI) at Emory, and am slowly working on a MSc in Mathematics.

What I write

I'm trying to get back into nonfiction writing. Previously, I wrote for the Technique Newspaper, and now I'm working on some multidisciplinary articles as quick dives into particular topics, which I call primers. Some of my previous ones are on linkedin.